Speaking on behalf of my brother and sisters, Pollyanna was a big part of our childhood, having attended from the age of 4 to 18. Thanks to Angie, her family and the staff, our confidence grew massively over the years, developing a genuine passion for drama, which we then went on to study at school for GCSE and A Level. At the age of 9, my older sister starred in the hit musical 'Annie' touring the UK in 1999. Drama and musical theatre continue in our DNA as a family, with my younger brother recently playing a major guest part for Casualty's 30th anniversary episode and my little sister following my brother and sisters' footsteps by attending a performing arts school. As a family, we can't thank Pollyanna enough for the skills we learnt over the years, which have provided the foundation for many opportunities. We would 100% recommend Pollyanna to anyone and everyone!

Alice K

My favourite thing about Pollyanna is that it makes me creative and good at singing, acting and dancing. My favourite thing to do is doing the acting!

Rosie, 8

My favourite thing with Pollyanna is that it can build up someone's confidence a lot.  When I first joined I was 7 and I was shy, now I can have a long conversation with anybody. It joins a lot of people together and you can make really good friends. Also, the shows & rehearsals we do are really fun and enjoyable. 

Ben, 13

My favourite thing about Pollyanna is that you can express your feelings through singing, dancing and acting. It helps me express my feelings & that's what I like best.

Lily, 11

My daughter attended classes at Pollyanna Training Theatre for many years, and it was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial experiences of her young life. It helped to develop her self confidence, social skills and appreciation of the theatre, which has stayed with her throughout her life.

Marylyn, Parent